Services & Specials


 Wash Services

Basic                                                                              $15 - 20mindetailing pics 010

Outside Wash, Rims Cleaned and Tires dressed

Full Service                                                                 $25 – 30min

Includes Basic, Vacuum, Windows Clean In & Out and a Inside Wipe Down

Complete                                                                       $30 – 45min

Includes Full Service with Leather Treatment




Detailing Services

Hand Wax                                                                    $50 – 50mindetailing pics 001

A Basic Wash with a Wax

Exterior Detailing                                                      $70 – 90min

Includes a Complete, a clay bar service with a buff and wax

Interior Detailing                                                      $80 – 60min

Comes with Basic Wash, shampoo carpets, leather conditioning, and windows cleaned in and out

The Xstream                                                             $125 – 150min

Includes all of our wash and  detail service combine 




Prices are subjected to change for services on SUVs, Vans, Trucks, and Boats

Ask about our added services we can do to your car!